JFNH Preschool


152 Prospect Street, Manchester, NH
Entrance is on Harrison Street

The JFNH Preschool is a place where children, ages 2-5 years, can receive a quality education in a Jewish atmosphere. Our goals include forming a positive, curious attitude about learning, and encouraging the development and enjoyment of a Jewish identity.

JFNH preschool kids having fun

Our Focus:

A major focus of the JFNH Preschool is the development of the child: socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We maintain a low staff to student ratio, thus guaranteeing that each child receives consistent individual attention.

We recognize:

  • The uniqueness of each child
  • The importance of responsibility and commitment for each child
  • The need to develop creative and inquiring minds
  • The importance of a warm, loving, positive and accepting classroom

It is our objective to learn about Judaism in a natural way. The teachers emphasize Judaic content with songs, stories, blessings, Sabbath and holiday programming for the children and parents.

Parental involvement is an important aspect of a successful Preschool experience. You are cordially invited to visit, share your skills, and enjoy your Preschool. As parents, you may be asked to participate in your child's classroom.

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For more information or questions:

Please contact us at preschool@jewishnh.org or (603) 782-5174

Our Preschool Staff

All Lead Teachers are ECE, CPR, and First Aid Certified. All Assistant Teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified.

Alane Sabel, Director Allyson Sabel, Assistant Director Ellen Covici Wendy Green Lorie Wilson

Missy Arielle Jennifer Liz Tack


The goals of our curriculum are multi -faceted. We encourage children to be enthusiastic, self confident, and independent learners. Our curriculum is whole language based, addressing all aspects of early childhood education. Areas addressed in this curriculum are:

  1. Language – words and concepts, listening and verbal communication.
  2. Visual Perceptual Motor – (forms and concepts, visual patterns, visual-motor communication, and eye-hand control.
  3. Participation – awareness and attention, organizing and planning, social interaction and self-esteem.
  4. Physical—Gross and fine motor skills
  5. Social Development
shabbat mat

An example of how these concepts fit into a daily schedule are as follows:

  • Free Play - Participation, language, and motor skills.
  • Circle Time - Language, pre-reading, academic and participation skills.
  • Snack - Language, motor and participation skills.
  • Story or Music Time - Language and participation skills.
  • Motor Time - Visual perception, motor and body awareness and language skills.

Curriculum Goals for Two's

  • Young children get the opportunity to separate from home and family in a positive way. We encourage sharing of not only toys, but of their play space. In this way, they can learn that school and education will become an enjoyable part of their life.
  • Shapes, colors and textures are introduced through a wide variety of hands-on art experiences.

Curriculum Goals for Three's

  • Identifying letters and recognizing their sounds. Our alphabet books are worked on through out the year. Children are taught to write upper case letters.
  • Beginning math: Identify numbers 0-10.
  • Beginning Science: Exploring changes in both ourselves and our environment. A unit on Our Bodies is worked on through out the year.

Curriculum Goals for Pre K/K

  • Development of early literacy skills, mathematical concepts, and science exploration
  • Upper and lower case letters
  • Math – Sorting by colors, size and object; Graphing and Patterns
  • Science – Units on weather, the solar system and the changing environment around us

Curriculum Goals for Judaic

  • Emphasis onJudaic content with song, stories, daily blessings, Shabbat and Holiday programming for the children and parents

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For more information or questions:

Please contact us at preschool@jewishnh.org or (603) 782-5174