Want to encourage reading in your family and help support PJ Library New Hampshire at the same time?
Participate in our PJ Read-A-Thon April 28 - May 12!
As a PJ Library family, you understand the magic of receiving and reading PJ Library books with your child each month. Through PJ Library stories, music and programs, families like yours are able to actively connect themselves and their children to our Jewish heritage.
In the past year, PJ Library New Hampshire (a program of our Jewish Federation) has sent books to over 300 homes and brought many free and low cost programs to families all across our state.
Jewish Federation of New Hampshire believes so strongly in the importance of the values and connections fostered by PJ Library, that we invest in every subscription to sustain this transformative program. The Federation understands that families are the key to ensuring a vibrant Jewish New Hampshire and that PJ Library is the gateway to first steps in many family’s Jewish journeys.
To that end, Federation invests over $30,000 annually to continue subscriptions and programs, ensuring that every eligible family in New Hampshire has access to PJ! In just one year, our subscriber rate has more than doubled and with your help, we can sustain this rate of growth into the future.
Here's what to do:
1. LOOK: Look for a special letter in your snail mailbox from PJ NH. Inside are the details and your unique code!
2. LOG ON: Got to www.read-a-thon.com/readers on your personal computer, smart phone, or tablet and enter the secret code to access your secure Read-A-Thong account. 
3. SET IT UP: You will be guided through a few simple steps to activate your READ-A-THON account like adding a photo and sharinf the READ-A-THON through social media and email to ask friends and family to sponsor your reader
4. START READING (or being read to): Track your reading sessions online in your Read-A-Thon account. You can use the fun reading session timer or log a reading session after you have already completed your reading time. Your participation not only helps us reach our goal but promotes reading skills at the same time.
The PJ Library - New Hampshire Facebook page will share a read aloud story 4 times over the two week time frame. Log on and listen to PJ Library Coordinator Allyson Guertin share a story.
Monday, April 29th at 6:30PM - Put on your favorite pj's and snuggle in for a Lilah Tov bedtime story.
Friday, May 3rd at 3PM - Get ready for Shabbat with a Shabbat story at 3PM
Thursday, May 9th at 10AM - Let's celebrate Israel with a Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) story
Sunday, May 12th at 10AM - Cuddle up with someone you love for a Mother's Day story
PJ Library - New Hampshire has a goal of reaching 250 hours of reading and $1,200 in donations during our two week Read-A-Thon! Activate your account today to help us reach out goal!
Let's make this Read-A-Thon even more fun!
Families are encouraged to share pictures of their children reading to Facebook using the hashtag #pjreads or by emailing pjlibrary@jewishnh.org subject line PJ Reads (don't forget to include your town of residence)! Children will also have opportunities during these two weeks to earn fun PJ swag and other cool prizes. Keep and eye out on the PJ Facebook page for detail on how to earn prizes.
If you are unable to participate in this year's Read-A-Thing but would still like to make a donation and help us reach our goal Click Here!
For questions about this year's Read-A-Thon call Allyson at the JFNH office at 603-627-7679 or by email at pjlibrary@jewishnh.org
Thank you for supporting PJ Library - New Hampshire!